Episode 8 – Good Things

Paul and Stewart set up and discuss the first interview by our colleague Ron Barnett from the South Grey News of Joan McGee from the Flesherton Love Committee.

Stewart had a talk about weather and dashing snowmobiles with Karen Buratynski, District 9 Manager for the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs and their interactive trail guide.

Marian Doyle and Carl Herman talked with Stewart about their respective Food Bank operations in Flesherton and Markdale. They speak of the services provided, the warm welcome people can expect, and the serious need for help in a Grey Highlands winter.

Marian and Carl join Stewart

Ron and Stewart address the South Grey News items for this episode: ‘Name your flavour’ ice cream contest, and the Forests Ontario 50 Million Tree Program. Ron is busy doing the Top 10 Stories of 2019 and the Grey County Reads contest.

In the episode before Christmas, international dance artist and teacher, Helen Jones, and author and performer, Geoff Bowes present our winter’s tales stories.

Paul and Stewart close by talking about Paul’s election to Warden of Grey and look back on the In Grey Highlands This Week production season in 2019.

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