Municipal Election 2022 – Flesherton and District Farmers Market Sessions

An In Grey Highlands Special Presentation

The show’s hosts had a great time meeting most of the candidates for council and for the school boards in the October 2022 municipal election. Here they are, in recorded order:

  • Paul Allen 6:06mins
  • Tom Allwood 8:46mins
  • Nadia Dubyk 12:00mins
  • Reid Dennison 15:39mins
  • Janice Kaikkonen 18:44mins
  • Emmett Ferguson 22:12mins
  • Gary Franklin 24:35mins
  • Melanie Ann Seeley 27:10mins
  • Steve Maloney 31:12mins
  • Joel Loughead 34:37mins
  • Paul McQueen 37:36mins
  • Dane Nielsen 40:58mins
  • Lynn Silverton 42:50mins
  • Roger Tumminieri 46:10mins
  • Danielle Valiquette 48:12mins
  • Joe Van der Vechte 50:44mins
  • Bryden Jones 54:04mins
  • John van Goch 57:06mins
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