Episode 5 – Hopeful Harvest

Intro and Recap [0:52]. Paul and Stewart go over the run up to the Federal election and the Chamber-sponsored All Candidates Meeting held at Markdale, 26th September. They play an excerpt from our coverage of the event discussing supply management as a question from the floor, which each candidate had a chance to address.

Paul practicing for trivia night.

Climate Strike [8:20]. The climate crisis and local climate strike activity in Markdale and Flesherton gets discussed and we hear a recording from the streets by our associate producer, Kate Russell.

Harvest & Events [12:47]. Stewart and Paul discuss fall happenings, Farmers’ Almanac predictions for the winter, the Chamber of Commerce AGM and the upcoming Harvest CafĂ© featuring the brilliant Canadian historian and author, Ted Barris in presentation for his latest book Rush to Danger.

Talking with Ted [23:15]. Stewart chats with Ted Barris about his presentation that evening (17th October) featuring his latest book and some discussion of his family history and other writing.

Chris Hughes Interview [31:31]. Stewart talks to the keynote speaker for the upcoming Chamber AGM at the Flesherton Kinplex on 24th October about sweating the little things in marketing businesses.

Insurance with Rick Gamblen [36:24]. Paul introduces Stewart speaking with the Chamber’s insurance agent from Grey Bruce Insurance about medical coverage aspects of the currently available plans.

Outro [43:18].

Episode 4 – Hives, Health & Hospitals

Sweet Treats. Stewart and Paul talk with Hugh Simpson of the Osprey Bluffs Honey Company about commercial honey production in Grey.

Health and the Future. We interview Karen Cox of Sea and Ski Realty and Darlene Lamberti of the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation about their recent fundraising golf tournament.

What? When? Features a conversation with Robert Iantorno, Curator of the South Grey Museum in Flesherton.

Karen Cox of Sea & Ski Realty presents a cheque from a fundraising golf tournament to Darlene Lamberti of Centre Grey Health Services Foundation. They talk about the need for ongoing fundraising in this episode.