Provincial All Candidates Meeting

An In Grey Highlands Special Presentation

The Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce hosted a meeting of all nine candidates in Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound for the provincial election at the Flesherton Kinplex. The Chamber’s president, Karin Cox kept the session running on rails, assisted by Michelle and Darren Patey, Ruben McCallum, and other Chamber volunteers. The candidates:

  • PC – Rick Byers
  • NDP – Karen Gventer
  • Liberals – Selwyn Hicks
  • Green – Danielle Valiquette
  • New Blue – Vince Grimaldi
  • Ontario Party – Suzanne Coles
  • None Of The Above Party – Joel Loughead
  • PPO – Joseph Westover
  • Independent – Reima Kaikkonen

The excellent recording of the meeting is the work of our associate producer, David Tonks. Set up and cabling by our producers Geoff Bowes and Ron Barnett. Thanks to all the participants for their efforts in presenting so well within the meeting’s format. Shoutout from the IGH crew to Steve Meacher and Andy Elliott at the Owen Sound branch of Long & McQuade who always help us get over the finish line with their expertise and kindness. Tim Reilly is the supervising producer at the mighty Leaking Ambience Studio in Flesherton.