Federal All Candidates Meeting

In Grey Highlands This Week Special Presentation

Our team recorded the 2019 Grey Highlands Federal All Candidates Meeting, held at the Markdale Arena on 26th September. This is an unabridged format, with only minimal audio editing in an effort to defeat the horrible fluorescent lighting based hum.

Markdale All Candidates Meeting
Markdale All Candidates Meeting

Episode 3 – Land & Industry

Our Land and How We Use It. Paul and Stewart recap elements of the last episode and delve into the business of tiny homes and the public meeting about them from late August in Markdale. Stewart sits down with Scott Taylor, Senior Planner for the County of Grey to discuss this and other community planning challenges. Campgrounds get thrown into this land use mix and the guys shed some light on current definitions and concerns.

Industry in Grey Highlands. 10 years from the fire at Chapman’s Ice Cream and their corporate resilience. Changes and adaptations throughout the light industry sector. Ice River Springs, Rossiter Boats, Medike and on-farm industries.

Recap. Tax time! Assessment definitions and the thinking behind the numbers.

What? When? This episode guest Rueben McCallum of Re/Max High County Realty in Flesherton.

Paul and Stewart in Studio A
Co-hosts relax after an evening recording.